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Meditation Retreats

Meditation retreats are a popular form or component of traditional spiritual retreats, which involve isolation from the everyday stresses of the wider community for the purposes of solitude, contemplation and spiritual relief.  They are organized all over the world and commonly take place at remote locations outside urban centers.   Known to have been in practice over 5,000 years ago, meditation in its many forms […]

About Meditation Classes

A popular tradition practice for over five millennia, meditation is based on deep concentration leading to awareness and development of the spiritual side of the individual. Meditation is a requirement of the leading faiths of the world and continues to grow in both religious and secular practice. As a result of the widespread and diverse nature of meditation for the student, meditation classes cover a […]

Zen Meditation for Spiritual Wellness

Zen Meditation is a very common spiritual practice that was originally based on Mahavana Buddhism. It is also known called Dhyana in India. It is practiced at least twice daily by billions of people in the Far East and millions of other people across the world that have adopted the practice as a way of maintaining physical, spiritual and psychological equilibrium and health.   Zen […]

Getting Fit With Quigong

Quigong, technically know as Tai Chi Quigong is based on animal work just as regular Tai Chi. However, the animals that are imitated in these exercises are “warrior animals” and the positions you do imitate them as they would move in a shamanic warrior dance. Unlike Tai Chi, Quigong is a martial art.   One of its main principles is also to learn how to […]