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Using a Stairstepper to Build Killer Abs

  If you are apple shaped or pear shaped then there is no better remedy for getting rid of all that weight then to get on the stair stepper for twenty minutes every day.     To some the stairstepper machine may seem old school especially because it has been replaced by the elliptical traine that also exercises the top part of the body. However […]

National Cancer Institute Guidelines for Exercise

In June 2010 a panel of thirteen researchers who are cancer experts came up with guidelines for exercise for cancer patients and survivors.  The panel was formed to develop guidelines on exercise that were safe and effective. This is because there are currently over twelve million cancer survivors in the United States in need of advice!     Exercise is currently recommended for patients with […]

The Benefits of Playing Golf

Playing golf is not only a great distraction it is also good for your health. It is one of those games that is subtly physically invigorating without being too strenuous. The constant walking, swinging and breathing in of fresh air creates natural drugs called endorphins that are released into your bloodstream. The reason it is so good for you is that most of the movements […]

What You Should Know About Fasting

Fasting is one of the mankind’s oldest and most efficient ways to banish the toxins that build up in the body as the result of the pollutants that are everywhere in the environment. There are toxins in the air that we breathe. There are also chemicals in the water and food that we consume. When these chemicals, waste and poisons build up in the bloodstream […]