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Stop Enabling Yourself To Cheat On Your Diet

One trait that many angry overeaters share is the ability to find sources of unhealthy food to binge on. Like an alcoholic who always knows where the nearest liquor store is, the overeater also knows where the nearest stash of treats is.  In fact, many angry people place themselves by the buffet table in a social situation so they can eat away at their feelings […]

The Relationship of Feelings to Fitness

Many people who put off exercising  are surprised at themselves and also disappointed in their own behaviors. Many of them, especially women, feel like failures which causes them to eat even more.   Your best tact is to get out of this “victim” position where you believe that you can’t win when it comes to taking control of your time.  Getting to that gym is […]

Procrastination Instead of Fitness

It is human nature to put things off especially when it comes to doing something we would rather not do like run for a couple of hours on the treadmill.  There is this part of ourselves that really enjoys avoidance; it can actually make us feel pleasure in our braids.   In fact evolutionary biologists say that we may even be hardwired somehow into our […]

Fitness Levels and Anger Levels

Anger can be a killer. Whenever we get angry our bodies release powerful chemicals enter the bloodstream to prepare you to battle or run from the situation. During this “fight or flight response your body enters a high energy state where: •        Breathing increases and blood is sent to the muscles •        Your pupils dilate and sharpen your vision •        Your thoughts become less rational […]