Strong Abs Can Lengthen Your Life

By Jennifer


There have been many studies done that show that people with large waists tend to develop the most dangerous diseases.  There is also plenty of evidence to prove this.



According to the National Institute of Health, a waist size bigger than forty inches significantly increases your risk of diabetes and heart disease so get that weight off.



Yet in another study from 2001, called the Canadian Heart Health Surveys, over nine thousand individuals between the ages of eighteen and seventy four were studies.  Researchers found that to keep a male in maximum health the waist size should be no more than thirty five inches in girth. Once your waist is any larger you are definitely developing risk factors for heart disease.



The researchers also found that once your waist reaches more than 36.8 inches you have a more than significantly elevated risk for a heart attack.  A heart attack is caused when an area of muscle is permanently damaged by a lack of blood flow.  Men with the biggest bellies had a sixty percent higher risk.



Despite the fact that we know that it is dangerous to have a larger waist the average American male’s waist size has grown to 38.8 inches which is up from 37.5 inches in 1988.  So the trend is towards American men getting fatter, rounder and more unhealthy.



Although having stronger abdominal muscles is no guarantee that you will never land in a hospital with a disease it certainly helps prevent the likelihood of it. You can reduce body fat and significantly cut the risk factors associated with many diseases.


Upper body obesity can also lead to obstructive sleep apnea. During this condition the soft tissue in the back of the throat collapses and blocks your airways and makes it difficult to breathe.



Yes, belly fat is a kilelr.  The World Health Organization has claimed that up to one third of all cancers of the kidney, digestive tract and colon are caused by being inactive and overweight.  And carrying that spare tire around your waist is particularly hazardous to your health.



Fat waistlines also mean an increased risk of diabetes. Right now over thirteen million Americans have adult onset diabetes but so many more people go undiagnosed.   The bottom line is that a lean waistline helps prevent diabetes.  That is why it is  imperative to get rid of that belly fat now.