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Is Fasting For You

Fasting means going without food for a period of time. It is the quickest way of eliminating toxins from the body while at the same time allowing the digestive system to rest and repair itself. The usual length of time for a juice fast is one to three days. Do not think that a juice fast is somehow not effective because you were not able […]

Herbs Used for Natural Weight Loss

There are many herbs that can help you lose weight.  Each does this job in different ways ways and have different effects on the body. You need to read the labels of the herbs that you buy and make sure that you really do understand what kind of side effects can occur before you take anything.   Take hoodia for example. This is vegetable found […]

The Power Of Positive Thinking To Meet Fitness Goals

If you are in Weight Watchers or have a therapist who is trying to help you lose weight you might have already learned  “changing your thoughts to change the feeling”  can kill hunger pangs and you might also realize the power of a positive thought to change the course of your day. Set your sights high by having positive thoughts as they have been known […]

Are You A Glutton?

Sometimes when we overeat we are trying to fill an emptiness in our psyche and soul. We are not really hungry for food we are hungry for something else in our lives.  Sometimes it is love or sex but for the most part we need to feel that we are in alignment with our spiritual goals.  We start overeating. We are unable to act in […]