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National Cancer Institute Guidelines for Exercise

In June 2010 a panel of thirteen researchers who are cancer experts came up with guidelines for exercise for cancer patients and survivors.  The panel was formed to develop guidelines on exercise that were safe and effective. This is because there are currently over twelve million cancer survivors in the United States in need of advice!     Exercise is currently recommended for patients with […]

Meditation Bells

Meditation bells are an indispensable element of the Zen Buddhist practice of Zazen, or meditation conducted from a seated position. The bell is traditionally rung three times to signal the beginning of the meditation session, a practice known as shijosho.  The session concludes with the bell ringing once, called hozensho. The practice of bell-ringing will also occurs during walking meditation, or kinhin.   The most […]

Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways for women to prepare their bodies to conceive. The physical regimen plus the deep breathing rituals associated with yoga can really help ground the body and heal any problems. Many people are simply too tense to relax and have sex, never mind conceive a child.  Yoga can help you feel “more in the mood to […]

Animal Work and Tai Chi

Tai Chi is historically a form of animal work that is based on animals in nature. As in yoga, many of the postures are based on the stances that animals take. In the twelfth century there was a master named Chang San-Feng.  Chang is said to have observed five animals that are also cornerstone animals in feng shui- the-tiger, dragon, leopard, snake, and crane–and then […]