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Working Out Before You Play Golf

You shouldn’t have to be worrying about whether you can physically handle it before you step foot on a golf green. However that is exactly what happens if you are not fit before you play golf. Golf is a long game. Golf can wear you out. You need to bend over a lot and pick up balls. If you are overweight this might be a […]

Toning Your Upper Arms

Most women need to tone their upper arms but they need to do so without bulking up. All you need to start toning is a couple of lighter barbells of equal weight. Do not make them too heavy or you will create muscles that will add bulk to your figure.   The best way to start is to do a bit of a warm-up. Make […]

Weighted Vest

Weighted Vest are a great tool to maximize your workout. Personal I use them to do a ton of lunges with, but you can use them for running, walking, and a ton of other uses. The Women’s vest shown is the MiR Women vest. With 10-50lbs of weights, they designed a vest that has weight distributed equally to ensure comfort throughout the workout. No matter […]

Tips On Flattening Your Tummy

Having a solid and muscular abdomen benefits you in all kinds of way. It means you have core strength that is supporting your frame, thus relieving back strain. People with a paunch often develop back problems.  That apple shaped belly is a warning that you might have a heart attack for many people. Reducing fat around your middle can reduce your chance of developing heart […]