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Water Aerobics For Thos With Sore Joints

If you are older and suffer from muscle or joint pain because of a medical condition then water aerobics are definitely an option.  All of the aerobics such as running dancing, walking jumping and jogging can be done in the water as well as on land.  The benefits are similar and there  is less hardship for the heart.     If you are overweight or […]

The Causes of High Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure than you may be informed that there are two different kinds. There is essential or primary hypertension and there is secondary hypertension.   According to the American Heart Association, there is no single identifiable cause of primary hypertension, but the causes of secondary hypertension are a little more obvious.   However, there are many factors that are well known […]

Antidepressants Can Cause Weight Gain

The bad news is that weight loss is next to impossible if you are on antidepressants.   For most people the weight gain kicks in about three to four days after taking it. Packing on the pounds happens quickly leaving many people to feeling helpless to do anything about it because it is so overwhelming.   The higher of a dosage you are taking the more […]

Co-Enzyme Q Has Benefits for Those Who Work Out

Co-Enzyme Q is one of those nutrients that are essential for life but we are all a bit short of it. Research indicates that supplementation with this co q10 helps support normal heart function, provide antioxidant protection, prevent neurological disorders and maintain the health of gums. Taking co q10 can also eliminate the need for commonly prescribed statin medications that are used for lowering cholesterol […]