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Tips on Juicing Fruits and Vegetables

If you are planning to nourish yourself with home-made fresh juices there are a few things that you should know.   First off, you should use organically grown, unsprayed produce when it is available. This is because almost all of the produce that you find in the supermarkets is sprayed with either a coloring agent or a pesticide of some kind. Look for a label […]

The Benefits of Juicing

Fresh juices are great at both rebuilding and cleansing the human body. They are nature’s own nutrient packed thirst quenchers, cleansers and nourishing tonics. They play an important part of a healthy life style, especially if you are in the process of rehabilitation or recovery. If you combine a juicing program with a wholesome diet and a regular exercise program you are bound to succeed! […]

Store-Bought Juice is Not That Healthy

Juice you buy from the store is not horrible for you but it is not your best option if you want to be well nourished.  The liquid you buy in a bottle or can is not that fresh and by the time most juices reach the store shelves they have lost most of the enzymes and vitamins that are so good for you.  Although hydrating, […]

Simple Food Substitutions for Fitness

Forget the lemon and maple syrup cleanses and fad fasting for now. You can fight the flab simply by making a few substitutions in your diet.   If you have been eating a lot of lettuce switch up with kale, spinach or chard. These greener and leaner salad ingredients have more than triple the iron and vitamins of iceberg lettuce which means that you are […]