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Getting Fit With Quigong

Quigong, technically know as Tai Chi Quigong is based on animal work just as regular Tai Chi. However, the animals that are imitated in these exercises are “warrior animals” and the positions you do imitate them as they would move in a shamanic warrior dance. Unlike Tai Chi, Quigong is a martial art.   One of its main principles is also to learn how to […]

Animal Work and Tai Chi

Tai Chi is historically a form of animal work that is based on animals in nature. As in yoga, many of the postures are based on the stances that animals take. In the twelfth century there was a master named Chang San-Feng.  Chang is said to have observed five animals that are also cornerstone animals in feng shui- the-tiger, dragon, leopard, snake, and crane–and then […]

Stay Fit With Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a very personal discipline that is about training both mind and body. In this sense it is difficult to define exactly what it is. To some people it is a way of losing weight, to others a way of improving posture and balance and to still others a way of form of meditation and spiritual seeking.  Of course practicing it can also […]

Handling Sugar, Fat and Salt Cravings

Many people who are addicted to overeating are addicted to either sugar, fat or salt. This is because these are three things that give stimulate the pleasure centers of our brains and calm us.   Battling a Sugar Addiction To get rid of a sugar addiction you need to substitute it with foods that are still sweet but a bit better for you in terms […]