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Foods That Support Heart Function

If you would like to support your heart function and fight off a predilection towards diabetes and heart disease it is suggested that you start ingesting at least a few of the following foods.     Artichoke leaf extract: This food extract, which reduces the level of LDL in your blood whilst also helping to protect your liver. The extract also exhibits antioxidant qualities, which […]

Is Heart Disease Hereditary?

Yes! You can inherit a predilection to heart disease but thankfully there are ways around the condition.¬† You may have a little more control over the situation than you think if you pay attention to your fitness. .   As an example, there is evidence that if your family has a history of coronary artery disease at an early age (younger than 55 in men […]

Supplements That Help High Blood Pressure

If you have blood pressure there are some supplements you can take that might help you lower it. ¬†Most of them are natural enough that you can take them along with any prescription drugs that a doctor recommends for you, however it is best to check with your M.D. before you take any type of supplement.     A mineral that is essential in helping […]

The Causes of High Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure than you may be informed that there are two different kinds. There is essential or primary hypertension and there is secondary hypertension.   According to the American Heart Association, there is no single identifiable cause of primary hypertension, but the causes of secondary hypertension are a little more obvious.   However, there are many factors that are well known […]