More Quick Tips for Reducing Belly Fat

By Jennifer

Trying to get rid of belly fat. Here some more tips for you!


Eat more potassium! Any drink high in potassium can help  sweep away high cholesterol and fat.



Drink V8 which is full of potassium. It also contains lycopene and lutein which are two phytochemical  that researchers have found can lower blood pressure. To take advantage of natural sources of this mineral try slicing a banana on your cereal.  You can also get plenty by baking two small sweet potatoes or by cooking up some spinach.  All of these foods are loaded with potassium.



You can reduce the narrowing of arteries by 46 percent, drop your blood pressure by more than 5 points and reduce arterial narrowing by 46 percent simply by eating a grapefruit a day.



Cut out the cold cuts.One slice of ham contains 240 milligrams of sodium.  This is more than eating a bag of chips. Lose this type of sodium intake and your blood pressure will drop.



A recent study found that most prehypertensive people found that when they reduced their daily sodium intake that they knocked nearly six points of their systolic blood pressure and close to 3 off of their diastolic.



If you just have a sub try to pack it with low sodium meats like turkey and roast beef and hold the pickle. Most pickles contain over 800 grams of sodium.

Yet another tip – stay away from canned or jarred food.  These types of packaged foods are packed with sodium.



If you are serious about your health then do not have more than two drinks a day.

Make the second drink that you have any night the last you will have.  However do not be afraid to have those two drinks.



In a landmark study published in the New England Journal of Medicine researcher found that one or two drinks a day actually decreased blood pressure slightly. However once you have three drinks your blood pressure is elevated by an average of ten points systolic 4 point diastolic.



The type of alcohol you drink does not matter. In fact you can order a healthy drink laid a screwdriver as it lowers blood pressure which in turn lowers potassium.  This way you can combine your vice with your virtue and do great things for your health.



You should also drink more tea. An American Heart Association study found that men who drank two cups of tea a day were 25 percent less likely to die of the disease than guys who never touched tea.