Converting from Mouth Breathing to Nose Breathing

If you are running out of breath while running you might have a bit of asthma.  Overweight people also have trouble walking fast or running and end up breathing through their mouth instead of their nose. Converting from mouth breathing to nose breathing is the best way to reduce those big gasps of air that can trigger an asthma attack.  You must also make it […]

The Best Food for Your Heart

If you want to stay fit then take care of your heart!  This means getting lots of exercise but it also means eating the right foods. To stay heart-healthy make sure you are eating – Oatmeal. Oatmeal clears cholesterol from the veins and arteries. One nice thing to do is eat an oatmeal cookie every day.  You can also eat it for breakfast. Steel cut […]

Tips On Flattening Your Tummy

Having a solid and muscular abdomen benefits you in all kinds of way. It means you have core strength that is supporting your frame, thus relieving back strain. People with a paunch often develop back problems.  That apple shaped belly is a warning that you might have a heart attack for many people. Reducing fat around your middle can reduce your chance of developing heart […]

Fitness Rampage

Welcome to my new blog about fitness. I’m going to write about things like how to run longer, weight loss, gluten-free, muscle tone, yoga…