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Drink Your Vitamins!

Juices work the best if consumed within seconds of being freshly extracted from the fruit or vegetable. The most vitamins, minerals and other healthy elements are absorbed if you hold the juice in your mouth for a couple of seconds after swallowing.


Fresh juices are also superior to bottled or canned juices in terms of both taste and nutrition. They are the cheapest way to get a full rounded dose of a vitamin plus all of its cofactors. For instance did you know that just one pint of fresh carrot juice contains more than 20,000 international units of pro-Vitamin A in its purest and most natural form?


Scientific research also recently reveals that fresh juices may even cure a variety of illnesses and conditions. For instance, fresh cabbage juice has been shown to contain vitamin U that has been shown to heal ulcers while fresh prune juices is an excellent laxative. Lettuce juice contains an unknown factor that helps relieve insomnia while watermelon juice has anti-inflammatory agents that relieve pain.


Green juices have enzymes that encourage weight loss and the regrowth of damaged gum tissue. Orange, yellow and green vegetables may help prevent some forms of cancer. Purple and blue juices contain important phytochemicals known as anthocyns and lutein, which help prevent varicose veins and preserve the eyesight.


Juices also ah are also superior to taking vitamins when it comes to maintaining your daily health. Compared with synthetic vitamins, naturally derived vitamins from fresh fruits, vegetables, sprout and grasses have more of a nutritional punch per dose. For instance one pint of fresh vegetable juice supplies the same live vitamins, minerals and enzymes found in two large vegetable salads.


Synthetic vitamins are also a “dead” food source of vitamins whereas vitamins that come from fresh vegetables and fruits are considered to be live.  Incorporated into a healthy diet fresh juices also do not put you at risk for nutritional imbalances in your body.  Drinking your vitamins in the form of fresh juices can actually boost your RDA (recommended Daily Allowance) of vitamins by as much as 500%!  Compare this to the act of consuming a vitamin pill where there is no guarantee that the pill will be absorbed by the body.  Nutrients from juices however start being absorbed the minute you drink them.


Juicing is not meant to be a replacement for a daily diet. Juicing plans are embarked on to help accelerate and enhance the process of mineral and vitamin absorption by the body’s tissues.


The Benefits of Juicing

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Fresh juices are great at both rebuilding and cleansing the human body. They are nature’s own nutrient packed thirst quenchers, cleansers and nourishing tonics. They play an important part of a healthy life style, especially if you are in the process of rehabilitation or recovery. If you combine a juicing program with a wholesome diet and a regular exercise program you are bound to succeed!


Fresh juicing is not just for ailing individuals either. Whether you have good or bad health everyone can benefit from the expedient delivery of nutrients that fresh juice of all kinds can offer the human body. Drinking juice is simply one of the most efficient ways to ensure that your body remains in tip top shape.


Fresh fruit and vegetable juices contain a broad array of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, purified water, proteins, carbohydrates and various co-factors that both enhance and complement individual nutrients so that your body gets the most nourishment it can from what you are consuming. As juices are absorbed by the digestive system they are economical when it comes to building your health. This is because it does not cost your body in terms of energy and complex digestive process to absorb the benefits of fresh juice.  Your body simply does not have to work so hard to obtain the benefits from juice as it does food. This is why a juicing fast can be so rejuvenating. It plays an important part in giving your body a break.


Furthermore a fruit or vegetable is juiced is full of fresh bioavailable components. It is not sitting around suffering from the oxidization process which happens once fruit or vegetable tissue is cut open and exposed to air.


once the juice is in liquid form the nutrients are easier for the body to absorb.  In fact the lining of the mouth absorbs many of the enzymes and nutrients in fresh juice. Drinking juice also gives the digestive system a rest by not stressing it out with the process of digestion.


Of course fresh juice is not really “fresh” unless the juice has been masticated or squeezed in order to extract the full amount of liquid from the full fruit. Juicing purists also extract the juice from the peels and seeds of a fruit or vegetable when they use a juicer to extract the clearest most fiber free liquid possible. The idea is to “drink your vitamins” rather than pay a lot of money to swallow them as non-live dead pellets that you buy in a health food store.