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The Benefits of Using HGH for Body Building

If you want to bulk up for body building then HGH injections or powder solutions may be exactly what you need. Human Growth Hormone or HGH as it is commonly called has been in use by both amateur and professional body builders since the early seventies.  When HGH is taken with the right combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises it can help shed fat and build lean muscle mass.  This muscle-building is accomplished without the upsetting psychological and physical side effects associated with taking anabolic steroids.


Yet another benefit of this hormonal supplement is that it can help quickly increase performance and muscle growth.  It helps athletes break through body-building plateaus when it seems there is no more strength or muscle to built. It pushes the human body that one inch or one pound further… It is the preferred supplement of all kinds of Olympic and professional athletes because as of 2007, it has not been banned for use in competition.


The dosage of human growth hormone that you need to take in order to boost your athletic performance or bulk up your muscle can depend on a lot of factors including your weight, height and goals as a competitor. The dosages for athletic related performance can be as low as 2 IU injections a day to 101 IU a day.  The lower your dose is the less at risk you are for side effects but the higher the dose is the quicker you will be able to showcase a prize winning physique.


As with most bodybuilding supplements moderation is key if you want to avoid nasty side effects. Few side effects are seen at 4 IU a day but once you take over 8 units a day you could develop an abnormality called Acromegaly.  This is a disorder that causes jutting of the brow and forehead, carpal tunnel, tunnel vision, increased perspiration and developing spaces between the seats.


A contentious issue with regards to hormone injections is the use of them in conjunction with injectible insulin in order to enhance muscle size, density and make the veins “pop on the muscles” (also known as vascularity.)  Using insulin in this way is very dangerous and comes with the risk of developing diabetes.

Benefits include the ability to remineralize bone, increase calcium absorption, the reduction of body fat, the building of new muscle cells the quicker synthesis of protein and increased stamina.


Unlike anabolic steroids, the human growth hormone can be used in low doses for an unlimited length of time. In fact for best results, human growth injections should be taken every day for at least two months and then stopped.


Why Synthetic HGH Injections Could Be Bad for You

Synthetic HGH injections are not a bad thing. They have been in use since 1985. However even though it is preferable to getting the hormone from corpses, this type of HGH can be very expensive.


Synthetic HGH works well! In most people it will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, melt belly fat, and build lean muscle mass and improve your mood. There is probably no other hormone that can physically turn the clock back so well. Most people taking this injected hormone daily begin to see results in as little as ten days. The problem is that very few people can afford the ingestible form unless it is covered by a physician to correct a disorder such as fibromyalgia or arthritis.


The expense of the hormone is a serious drawback for those who are interested in experiencing the anti-aging and anti-depressant effects of this hormone.  Typically the injections can cost between $5,000 and $50,000 a year depending what country you are in and where in the world you are receiving the injections.


The solution for many people who are faced with this cost is to go to Mexico or Costa Rica where ingestible synthetic HGH costs less than two thirds of what it does anywhere else.  Even more frustrating is the fact that sometimes it can be hard to get the real thing as there are many quacks out there in all kinds of countries making  a lot of money by injecting something else than HGH into your body.  This is because there are no laws governing these injections.


Yet another disadvantage of using synthetic HGH is that it does mean having a needle injected into you on a daily basis. This is not ideal if you do not like needles.


If you use HGH Releasers instead of the synthetic hormone then you might be doing your body by encouraging it to produce its own hormones. HGH releasers contain certain amino acids that are the building blocks that your pituitary gland needs to create its own hormones.  These formulas are also enormously cheaper than using injections and cost about $500 a year (maybe up to a thousand if you are a body builder and taking them in large doses.


If you are planning to use the injectible form for body building it is important to remember that although the HGH may help bulk up the muscle it may not necessarily strengthen it. You need to work constantly at exercising to make use of this mass or you can achieve some strange changes to your physique including enlarged feet or spacing between the teeth.