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You Know Your Diet is Bad When …

No physical fitness regime will work if you have a bad diet.  Just what exactly is a bad diet?  This is an eating regime that may not exactly bebe supporting your weight loss or muscle building goals. It is one that is unhealthy, does not sustain physical exercise and that will eventually make you sick.

You know your diet is bad when you are eating nothing but foods that are high in fat, carbohydrates, salt and sugars and low in vitamins, minerals and fiber.Examples of these bad foods are white bread, doughnuts, potato chips, microwave dinners, fried foods, instant foods, cheese and meat.  A lot of take out food is not that great for you either. Stay away from the pizza with cheese in the crust and greasy, fatty Chinese food. People who are on bad diets also seem to eat on the run more than others. They are more prone to suddenly ordering sodium, calorie and fat laden pizzas and Chinese food for dinner.

You can also sabotage your diet and fitness plans by drinking the wrong things. . Did you know for instance that if you eliminated all colas and coffees from your diet that you could lose as much as fifteen pounds in a month?  The same thing would also happen if you cut out all coffee that has cream and sugar in it.


By contrast a person who has a good diet eats foods that are low in fat, high in fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals. DietToGo has examples of some good diets. You can get promo codes for DietToGo on a discount website like

Be sure to drink a LOTof water every day – at least eight cups.  Water keeps the system flushed and it is a natural diuretic. Water flushes toxins out of your system.  Herbal teas are healthier too. If you are not sure what to eat then take a look at the Mediterrean diet. These are the healthiest people in the world and the food is nutritious enough to support a fitness program for losing wieght or building muscle.  Eating more vegetables and fruits is definitely helpful as well.



If you are constantly on the run then really try to pack your lunch rather than go out for it. Prepare for eating the night before. Not only does this save money but studies show that people who do this are a lot healthier and are better able to resist the temptation of junk food.



The Relationship of Acidosis to Unwellness

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When illness enters our lives it is often because of acidosis. A healthy body is a bit alkaline.  When we become ill our entire body becomes toxic.


Most ailments are caused by too much of an intake of refined flour products, animal proteins and dairy products. Taking in too much of these things can cause a condition called acidosis.  Smoking and drinking too much alcohol can als0 cause our bodies to become too acidic and less alkaline?


If you are in a state of acidosis it means that the body’s pH balance has been thrown out of balance and needs correcting (to become more alkaline) by eliminating poisons and taking in healthy things.  Acidic people do not want to exercise. They feel tired and achy all of the time.


A state of acidosis leads to problems such as congestion, inflammation, and eventually degenerative changes that can lead to fatal illnesses. Correcting this acidic condition halts the progress of disease and aging.

In order to correct this condition you need to eat foods that are less acidic. These are called alkaline foods. Many people who incorporate them into the diet will experience some sort of detoxification process. Usually these symptoms are mild and do not cause much discomfort. Diarrhea and cold like symptoms might be present for a day or two while the body discharges toxins.



Detoxification starts with depriving our bodies of their usual intake of poisons from water, air and food and replacing those toxins with fresh juices and foods.  Switching over from an unhealthy diet full of acidic is not easy for some people however it is necessary if you want to feel better


People recovering from long illnesses are often very acidic because the drugs they take to treat it make them so. It can take a while for somebody to restore the pH balance of the body.


When you eat a healthier diet, quit smoking, exercise, meditate, and drink less than your brain receives more blood and oxygen.

You also think more clearly, have more energy, need less sleep. Your brain may actually grow more brain cells. In fact if you eat a diet that supports your blood’s pH balance your brain can actually get bigger in only three months.


Your face will glow and your circulation will improve so that you show less wrinkles. This can make you look younger and feel younger so you feel more like exercising!