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How Massage Can Help You Stay Fit

If you are going to exercise you are going to get sore muscles, bones or joints.

There are many beneficial effects of massage, including pain relief, stress reduction but also relief of many diseases.  An occassional regular massage can definitely help you stay more comfortable and also help you retain your flexibility.



Massage is particularly useful when it comes to relieving the pain of musculoskeletal injuries. This is helpful if you do overdo it while exercising. It reduces back pain and postoperative pain and can help relieve muscle soreness and headaches.  It can alleviate the need for any pain releivers.



Massage also increases the breath capacity in asthmatics and can help alleviate the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. It can also help with dental or jaw pain.



Massage also has beneficial effects mentally and can help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. In addition to pain relief, reducing stress is a common reason many people get massages.



Massage can be performed by a professional Massage Therapist, or by other health care professionals, such as Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Athletic trainers, and Physical Therapists.



Massage therapists work out of hospitals, in nursing homes, sports and fitness facilities, spas, beauty salons and cruise ships. Some travel to private offices, residences or businesses and do the massage on the premises using a portable massage table.



The usual professional massage entails that the client liw on a massage table, sitting upright in a massage chair, or lying on a pad on the floor.  The person receiving the treatment is unclothed as necessary and their body is draped with towels or sheet.



Massage can also help improve a person’s psychological outlook and relieve stress. It is used to block pain, create a natural high and sense of well-being and prevent the development of scar tissue. The word itself is a French word that means “friction or kneading. “



Massage involves manipulating the patient’s body with pressure tension, motion, or vibration done manually or with mechanical aids. Usually it is tendons, joints, lymphatic tissue organs and connective tissue that is the focus of the healing touch.


Massage can be applied with the hands, fingers, elbows, forearm, and feet. There is over eighty different types of massage available so do a little research before you book an appointment.



Common types of massage include Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, hot stones massage, deep tissue massage, shiatsu, Thai massage, reflexology, sports massage, Trager massage and acupressure.



The Benefits of Massage

Massage has been a part of a healthy fitness regiment for centuries.  It improves general health because it is treats every part of the being including the physical body, the mind and the psyche. Aside from physically encouraging muscles to relax, massage also relieves stress, tension and anxiety.

People trying to stick to a fitness plan can feel quite unwell for many reasons.  Sometimes it means quitting a bad habit that can make them feels tense and toxic. Sometimes people get very sore from walking or exercising. If you are on a fast toxins can build up and make you feel even sicker.

Massage can help cleanse your body tissues. It improves blood flow which helps increase the rate at which poisons are carried out of the body. The result is that you experience a speedier repair of damaged tissues.  More blood flow to damaged parts of the body can also mean  faster recovery after exercise. This allows you to exercise more often simply because you will not be as affected by exertion. People who were only able to exercise twice a week might now be able to do it three or four times a week because they are better able to recover.

Massage can also promote better digestion.  This is especially true if the lower back and stomach are being massaged. It helps break down fats and toxins in the intestinal tract so that they can be eliminated faster.

One amazing benefit of massage is the raising of self-esteem. Getting a massage increases your awareness and respect for your own body which in turn has significant health benefits.

Sex definitely has health benefits and massage can bring partners that have been emotionally or physically distant closer together. It also increases the level of trust between two people as the bond is primarily sensual and not overtly sexual.

Massage is just as relaxing for the giver of the massage as it is the receiver.  That is because giving the massage can be soothing to the practitioner.  If you take a course in massage you can also train your partner how to give you one so that you have a mutually satisfying relationship.

Massage does not require any expensive equipment or training. You can have a loved one massage you. There are also many books and videos that can teach you how to do it properly.  There is nothing like a good massage to heighten one’s sense of well-being. Massage techniques of all kinds can be done on children too!