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Working Out Prevents Cancer in Women

Two of the most common cancers in women are breast and endometrial cancer. These are hormonally caused cancers that are caused by hormones going out of whack.  Exercise can help with these “female” cancers because physical activity has been shown to regulate and calm the production, metabolism and elimination of the toxins produced by female hormones running amok.



Studies have also shown that there is a relationship between being fatter and breast and endometrial cancer.  Exercise obviously can help you lose weight so you do not become more susceptible to developing these hormonally based cancers.

This past fall, a Canadian study found that the women who were least likely to develop breast cancer engaged in the moderate exercise of doing daily household or farming chores.  Researchers concluded that it was not so much the intensity of the exercise that was helping, but rather the regularity of it.



In 2009,  a massive study, based on questionnaires given to 121,701 women over twenty years was conducted by the Nurses Health Study at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Boston. This study found that women who worked out between two to four hours a week reduced their chances of getting cancer by twenty percent.  A smaller but similar study done in Norway in 1997 found the same thing. Women who exercised four hours a week were about one third less likely to get breast cancer.



In the Brigham study it was noted that the exercise reduces the level of circulating estrogens in a woman’s body.  The reason that this is negative is because estrogen stimulates the growth of breast cells which could mutate and cause cancer.



Women are actually vulnerable to these types of cancers their entire life. The most important thing is to exercise in moderation because if you exercise to the point that you have minimized your estrogen levels you can increase your risk of bone loss and heart disease.

Menopausal and post-menopausal women are at particular risk for cancer because they are overproducing and under producing hormones. Exercise has protective benefits for hormonal women because it helps to reduce fat.



The idea is that the leaner you are, the less natural estrogens you will produce. The less estrogens that are in the body, the less of a welcoming field your changing body will be to developing cancer.

You do not have to work out like a female fitness model. Simple, yet sustained activity is best . Try walking or cycling. As long as you working out consistently and every day you should be giving your body the edge when it comes to preventing breast or ovarian cancer.


Watch for Cheap Green Tea Supplements

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If you are going to buy a green tea weight loss supplement make sure that you are willing to invest in buying a quality product. The bottom line is that the cheap green tea weight loss supplements simply do not work.

If you buy a cheap green tea supplement it might be cut with all kinds of binders, fillers and even supplemental weight loss ingredients that are supposed to “burn fat.” A common addition to these supplements is extra caffeine which gives you the jitters and causes you to lose all of your water weight.  You know you are looking at a green tea supplement that may not be so good for you if it includes gluten, corn protein, wheat proton, yeast, soy or soy protein, dairy products, artificial colors, preservatives or sweeteners. Green tea supplements cut with turmeric or hoodoo may also be of a very low quality.

Many green tea supplements are also made with lower quality tea leaves. This is because the better quality ones are sold to tea companies. In fact, rather than buy a cheap green tea supplement you might be better off to just drink green tea because the leaves might be stronger.

To make sure you are purchasing green tea weight loss supplements that are going to be effective you need to purchase ones that are made with the green tea extract. Supplements both in liquid and pill form that contain green tea extract ten to contain more EBCG which is the active component in the tea that actually triggers fat loss.  The cheap pills are just ground up green tea leaves.

Yet another problem with the cheap green tea pills is that the dosage is usually off what it says it is on the bottle. If it is not regulated then you cannot regulate or count on your weight loss. The extract is simply much easier to regulate and more potent.

Furthermore there are a lot of benefits to taking the extract. It improves insulin sensitive and prevents you from craving sugars and sweets. It can also help improve the function of your thyroid and metabolism. Green tea diet pills made from extract can also help suppress your appetite which of course prevents you from eating too much junk food. The fact that it is also can prevent breast cancer, colon cancer and prostrate cancer only adds to the attractiveness of consuming this tea leaf.

Finally, you are living in a fantasy world if you think you can buy cheap green tea supplements and not exercise or eat right to get the weight off.  Taking a pill is not going to cure a lifetime of eating junk food or lying on the couch watching television. There is no green tea supplement, low or high quality, that substitutes for eating right and expending calories every day. However the health benefits of green tea are well documented and your weight loss will be accelerated if you take a high quality pill or liquid made from the extract.