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What is a Medical Fitness Trainer?

A medical fitness trainer is necessary if you want to get fit after an illness. People recovering from surgery or cancer definitely could use one. This type of trainer is also called a clinical exercise physiologist.


Currently exercise is recognized as a way of helping sick people recover from an illness faster.  This type of guided physical fitness can also help you get through the symptomatic hell that often comes with being treated for cancer.


Working out at places like 24HourFitness can help decrease symptoms, eliminates the need for medication and also reverse conjunct conditions such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Aside from cancer, exercise is also beneficial people with depression, osteoporosis, cerebral palsy, chronic heart failure, fibromyalgia and other disorders. You can find coupons for 24HourFitness for a discount on a site like


If you are a breast cancer survivor you might also be interested in the fact that exercise and a change of diet alone has been known to stop the development cancer right in its tracks.


To work out you do not necessarily need this type of trainer. Many ordinary fitness trainers are capable of putting you through the same type of training if you want someone to keep an eye on you while you are working out.


The reason that you want to work out is because “energy creates more energy.” People who are ill and tired tend to feel even more exhausted after hours and hours of lying down. Ill people are often told to rest when really it is not in their best efforts to do so.  If you lie in bed trying to recover it can lead to further weakening of your body and therefore a further health decline. The idea is to keep the balance and use the physical activity along with appropriate periods of rest to help your body recuperate. Stopping exercise to humor the disease is a big mistake.


Exercise as part of chronic disease management is gaining wider recognition. However when you don’t feel well you may not feel as motivated to exercise. That is where a professional trainer can be of help.


A good fitness trainer will work with you and not push you too hard. He or she will be sympathetic to the type of chronic pain caused by cancer and its treatment and acknowledge if you are limited by fatiguing chemotherapy treatments.


It is widely recognized that a diseases like lung cancer or ovarian cancer is a formidable enemy but you have much more of a chance of stacking the odds in your favor if you are willing to go through a rigorous routine and then stick with the program.


The Benefits of Tai Chi

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Tai Chi benefits both mind and body and in fact you could say that the purpose of doing a Tai Chi routine is to integrate the two so that they function seamlessly together.


In terms of physical benefits, a Tai Chi routine can help massage internal organs, get rid of gas, help the digestive system to eliminate more efficiently, relax tense back muscles and improve your sense of direction and balance.  It helps a person achieve deep sleep at night and be alert yet rested during the day.


As it is considered to be a weight bearing exercise it also helps people who are suffering from osteoporosis. It is low impact so even people with very serious disorders can usually manage the routine.


One of the ways that Tai Chi improves muscular tension and aches and pains is through the improvement of your posture. As your posture improves your organs also work more efficiently as less pressure is put on them from slouching.


Mentally the discipline can help you to develop focus and concentration. You become mindful in a serene yet astute manner. You are easier able to see the big picture and if you are a student you will be able to study for longer hours.


Tai Chi is also recommended for individuals who are trying to recover from an addiction. The deep breathing done in Tai Chi is very detoxifying and also very calming. It teaches the addict to “own” their body again instead of letting it be owned by a craving for a drug.


Tai Chi can help you become more coordinated because the postures in the sets are designed to animate the energy centres in your body. Many people who practice them experience better reflexes, improved posture and less muscle tension and strain.


However the benefits spiritually and mentally are what seem to blow most people’s mind when they become addicted to this ancient discipline. The benefits include a calmer and more tranquil mind and also a better connection to the higher self.  You are also less vulnerable to stress, especially those caused by emotional distractions and will be able to work, study and dream longer.