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You Know Your Diet is Bad When …

No physical fitness regime will work if you have a bad diet.  Just what exactly is a bad diet?  This is an eating regime that may not exactly bebe supporting your weight loss or muscle building goals. It is one that is unhealthy, does not sustain physical exercise and that will eventually make you sick.

You know your diet is bad when you are eating nothing but foods that are high in fat, carbohydrates, salt and sugars and low in vitamins, minerals and fiber.Examples of these bad foods are white bread, doughnuts, potato chips, microwave dinners, fried foods, instant foods, cheese and meat.  A lot of take out food is not that great for you either. Stay away from the pizza with cheese in the crust and greasy, fatty Chinese food. People who are on bad diets also seem to eat on the run more than others. They are more prone to suddenly ordering sodium, calorie and fat laden pizzas and Chinese food for dinner.

You can also sabotage your diet and fitness plans by drinking the wrong things. . Did you know for instance that if you eliminated all colas and coffees from your diet that you could lose as much as fifteen pounds in a month?  The same thing would also happen if you cut out all coffee that has cream and sugar in it.


By contrast a person who has a good diet eats foods that are low in fat, high in fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals. DietToGo has examples of some good diets. You can get promo codes for DietToGo on a discount website like

Be sure to drink a LOTof water every day – at least eight cups.  Water keeps the system flushed and it is a natural diuretic. Water flushes toxins out of your system.  Herbal teas are healthier too. If you are not sure what to eat then take a look at the Mediterrean diet. These are the healthiest people in the world and the food is nutritious enough to support a fitness program for losing wieght or building muscle.  Eating more vegetables and fruits is definitely helpful as well.



If you are constantly on the run then really try to pack your lunch rather than go out for it. Prepare for eating the night before. Not only does this save money but studies show that people who do this are a lot healthier and are better able to resist the temptation of junk food.



Just What Are You Building When You Body Build?

BodyBuilding is a bit of a mystery for some people. Technically it is supposed to be about the process of hypertrophy. This is a scientific term that refers to the growth and increase in size of existing  muscle cells.  It means making the best of the cells you have rather than trying to grow new cells.

However some people think that body building should be about adding new cells.  Sadly, the way most of us add cells is through eating fat. It is hard to add new cells than it is to work with extra ones.

In short, body building is the act or process of adding extra muscle mass to the body by extensive working out and control of diet. Like purchasing and using supplements from It is a great site for protein, if you order there make sure you pick up a Promo Code for a discount on a website like

BodyBuilding is something that is done either for personal achievement, recreation or as a competitive ‘sport’.  It is not necessary done to look better, but more to look healthier. However the goal of bodybuilding in the long run is debatable. Some people do look better when they have more muscle mass. Others just do not suit the look of the professional, sinewy and gleaming body builder.


As suggested, there is no athletic activity involved in bodybuilding, so it is not to be confused with strongman contests or weightlifting competitions. When competitive bodybuilders appear in contests in competitions, they adopt certain poses that are designed to accentuate certain muscle groups in the body. Perhaps surprisingly, the effectiveness of the poses being adopted is a significant factor in deciding which bodybuilders win competitions and those who do not.  However the reason most regular people body builds is so that they can grow lean muscle.  The more lean muscle that you have, the fatter you burn.


There is also often a distinction made between the kind of individuals who can work on gaining muscle mass slowly and steadily, people who can continue to do so almost without any apparent limitations.  Those who have a hard time building muscle mass are called hard gainers. No matter what they do that cannot seem to get more muscular.  On the other hand there are those that just seem to bulk up with very little effort.


For the average person bodybuilding is something that is best done in moderation. This is especially true if you do not want to appear muscle bound.  The more muscle you can develop, the more fat you burn and the healthier you can be.