Can Biomesotherapy Help Sore Muscles?

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Biomesotherapy is an ancient therapies that is used as an alternative form of pain management.  This treatment is a hybrid of traditional homeopathic and Asian acupuncture therapies and involves inhalants and saline injections into specific trigger points on the body. When both therapies are given together they have a synergistic effect that helps the body help reduce inflammation and alleviate discomfort. It is good for cartilage decay, chronic cramps or spasms, frozen shoulder, jaw pain, bruising and muscle tears, ligament rips and bruises and sciatica. It can also help soften scar tissue.


Sometimes does of the homeopathic medicine may be in the saline injection itself. It is very common for European practitioners to use Trammel or Zeel, which are composite homeopathic remedies that have been added to the saline ampoules. The saline ampoules are usually bought in bulk by the practitioner.


Biomesotherapy is actually a form of cupuncture treats points that control the flow of energy through the body. According to traditional Chinese Medicine there are twelve main energy channels that run through the body and help to regulate the flow of energy through the body.  There are twelve main energy channels that have “trigger points’ in the muscles and each trigger point corresponds to both an organ and a meridian.  For instance, saline may be injected at a trigger point between the thumb and forefinger to alleviate headaches


Usually these trigger points are stimulated with needles, that are also warmed through a process called moxibustion (where bits of charcoal are lit and left smoking on the end of the needle.) In the process of biomesotherapy, needles are inserted and saline is injected into these points.  The saline is of the same consistency and makeup as your body’s natural fluid.


Many people do find biomesotherapy to be an affordable and expedient way to deal with pain and the benefits can be long term as the treatments target the source of the problem and not just the symptoms.  Furthermore biomesotherapy is a very safe procedure that has proved to be very popular in Europe with over 70 million consultations taking place a year.

Many people feel relaxed and pleasantly tired after the treatment.  It is recommended you take a nap after a treatment so your body can further rest and repair itself.


In some cases biomesotherapy is a cure and in others not. It is important to realize that this is an alternative treatment for pain management and not a miracle treatment and that your expectations must be kept realistic.

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