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How Abs Can Strengthen the Back

Abdominal strengthening exercises are also sometimes called core-strengthening exercises.  This is because when you do these tummy-toughening exercises they take the burden of carry weight off the back and the trunk of the body in general.  Doing tummy strengthening exercises can also speed weight loss. Abdominal exercises can also increase your all over flexibility as well as your ability to rotate from side to side.



The reason that abdominal strengthening exercises are also called core-strengthening exercises is because the prevent you from doing damage to your boady’s frame. The stronger you abdominal muscles are the less likely you are to sustain a back strain or back injury or develop a hernia.




The point of this type of core training is to strengthen what are called the deep abdominal muscles. This grouping of muscles that extends from the ribs to the crotch are called the transversus abdominis or TvA for short. The TvA has been targeted as a muscle group that has influence on the stability of the spine and thus has been promoted as important for back protection; and, the advice goes, that if you develop the spine will be strengthened.



You may even expeirence the disappearance fo all back pain. Of course before embarking on any exercise program with the intention of trying to heal back pain it is important to consult with your doctor or a physical fitness expert first.



One of the most well known of these ab strengthening exercises are what are known as plain old sit ups. Leg raises, sit up with twists side to side are part of a typical core strengthening routine. Professional trainers also offer classes in gyms that employ the use of medicine balls or air filled exercise balls to perform core strengthening moves.



You can also do abdominal strengthening exercises all day, when you are sitting at your desk or doing just about any type of activity. Trainers advise sucking in the transversus abdominis muscles to strengthen your muscles daily. This will help you withstand the stress of weight training and other sports as well as give you more stamina and strength when it comes to doing every day activities that entail bending over and lifting. a valley to it when as you suck the muscles in.



Remember not to overdo it when it comes to core strengthening. Abdominal strengthening exercises can give you a washboard stomach but if you are not fond of this reptilian body building look then be sure to moderate yourself.


Using a Stairstepper to Build Killer Abs


If you are apple shaped or pear shaped then there is no better remedy for getting rid of all that weight then to get on the stair stepper for twenty minutes every day.



To some the stairstepper machine may seem old school especially because it has been replaced by the elliptical traine that also exercises the top part of the body. However not all people want to build muscles on the top half of their body . That is where using the stairstepper rather than the elliptical trainer becomes a big must. In fact the stair stepper might be a better option than an ellipitical trainer if you really need to focus more on the lower body, the belly or the hips.



Although the stairstepper is considered is hard on the joints compared to an elliptical trainer, it is still, in general categorized as a low impact form of exercise that does not affect the knees and ankles and hips as much as running up and down a flight a stairs or jogging or running would.



Most stairsteppers also have settings that can allow you to choose whether you want a low impact work out or a much more challenging one. The stair stepper is also easier on the hips because the natural climbing motion of the machine cushions the stepping.



If you use a stairstepper you will see results on your glute muscles and quadriceps unless you sabotage yourself by putting your weight on the handrails. Many people using a stair stepper do this unconsciously, especially if they are fataibued. To avoid displacing your weight on the handrails avoid gripping them unless you absolutely must.



To get the ultimate benefits of stair stepping many trainers advise using the three-minute approach. Set the machine at level 1 and exercise for three minutes. After that three minutes is up set the machine at level 2 and exercise at that level for three minutes. Most machines have five levels which means that it would take you fifteen minutes to get to level five. This helps you really peel off the pounds.



Aerobic activity is also a fantastic stress reliever.  Stair stepping cannot only help you to maintain your overall fitness but it can also help you have a mind that remains stress free.



If you do have problem with your knees  stair stepping is not really recommended. An elliptical trainer is probably better for you as it causes less joint stress.