How Does HGH Work?

By Jennifer

Human growth hormone is a hormone that is produced by the pituitary gland and that begins depleting as we age. You can supplement with HGH injections. These are ordered by prescription and must be administered bay doctor.


HGH is technically a protein hormone that stimulates cell reproduction and cell growth in mammals. HGH is a 191 single chain polypeptide hormone that is stored and secreted by the anterior pituitary gland.  Until 1985 the hormone was harvested from dead people. Nowadays biosynthetic human growth hormone is used instead of the hormone taken from corpses. Synthetic HGH is also called somatropin.  Synthetic HGH may also be abbreviated as “rhGH.”  After this protein hormone is injected, the bloodstream then takes the hormone to the various tissues and organs in the body that need renewal, repair or regeneration.


Secretion levels of HGH are highest during puberty. The hormone is also stimulated by sleep, exercise, dietary protein, low blood sugar, estradiol and L-argenine.


On an everyday basis we manufacture the largest amounts of human growth hormone about one hour after we fall asleep.  This peaking of the HGH production by the pituitary glands usually lasts from ten to thirty minutes.  This is why getting a good night’s sleep is so important and having insomnia can be dangerous to your overall fitness level. HGH Supplements can be purchased on sites like If you order from them be sure to pick up a Discount Code from a site like to save some money.


Healthy children and adolescents average about 8 peaks in secretions per twenty-four hours. Adults average about five peaks every twenty-four hours. As a person ages the peak periods during the day when the hormone is released declines.


HGH also assists with calcium detention, the demineralization of bone, the increasing of muscle mass, the loss of body fat, energy stabilization, a stimulation of the immune system and a thickening of bodily tissues.


Given in the right doses HGH can really and truly reverse the aging process…


Not all people will be prescribed the ingestible form of human growth hormone especially if your doctor suspects that you only want it for cosmetic reasons. In this case you can buy HGH Releasers which are powdered, liquid or oral spray formulas that contain a cocktail of amino acids whose purpose is to stimulate your brain to create its own supply of hormone.