Yang Tai Fitness Work Outs

By Jennifer

Yang Tai is simply a form of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is named after Yang Lu-chan who was born in 1799 in the province of Hopeh in China.  This style of Tai Chi is the contemporary style that is practiced by most people to day. It is considered to be a softer more internal version of genuine  Tai Chi.  Yang Lu-cha, who developed a mutation of the real martial art, became a favorite of the Imperial court and his name at the time was “Yang the Unsurpassed.”



The Yang Tai movements are less about being a warrior and more about developing your personal ease of movement. It is about developing grace and conserving your energy.  You move in rythms that support the conomical and beautiful use of all of the muscles in your body. This makes you very fit and very aware.



Almost all  contemporary forms of thisexerise are based on the original Yang set of movements that are designed to build up chi. Chi is the Chinese word that means “life force” or “life energy.” The substantiaon of this  this life force is the entire focus of the exercise of Tai Chi Chih. Increasing chi is not only good for you physically but it is also thought to draw good things into your life like love, enlightenment and prosperity.



Most people can learn the entire routine belonging to Yang  Lu-Chuan  in a week but it is much more common to learn the form of the exercise gradually over a period eight classes that take place once a week. Another way to learn it is to buy a book or DVD about Tai Chi.



It is also good for the brain and body as you have to concentrate on a particular pose and get it right before you can move on to the next one. It also expands concentration and awareness.  Like most exercises like this the more you practice it the better off you are physically.



It is important to understand that this form of is more about energy building and that it is not really a martial art. The poses that are adopted are completely non violent. There are 19 movements and one pose in the yang style routine.  These are gentle movements and everyone from the very old and the very young can learn it. The great thing is that it does not require any particular type of physical fitness or coordination to practice it and it enhances physical and mental performance for any type of athlete.