Extreme Dieting Sabotages Weight Loss

If you try too hard to lose weight it is not going to happen. Any time you set up expectations of yourself that you cannot meet you end up gorging on the wrong foods.  Not only do you gain weight but you also feel like a failure.

The real way to lose weight is to be reasonable about it and try to only lose two pounds a week.  It is important to tell yourself that starving yourself will not help you to lose weight overnight. You need to forget about fad diets and figure out what it is that your body needs to survive and yet lose weight at the same time.

Most diet ask you to do things like eat no fat or carbs for days on end. Studies have also shown that self-deprivation is not a strategy for weight loss that ever works well for most people anyway. It is a set-up for failure.

For some people this means eating more protein and for some people it means banning meat however no matter how you do it you should not be losing more than two pounds a week. Lose more and you are guaranteed going to gain it all back sooner or later.

Losing weight always means making big lifestyle changes however not everyone can achieve these changes overnight. Most people try to make a big change by starving themselves but all this does is tire you out, keep you uninspired, stress out your kidney, slow down your metabolism and make you look unhealthy and haggard.

Some people have problems losing weight if they exercise too much.  You can sabotage your weight loss efforts by going to the gym too much. If you are eating less and the right kind of food you may not have to work out at the gym as much as you think.

Sometimes if you starve yourself your body’s metabolism actually slows way down. To add to your woes, you may even gain a large amount of weight of result.  You should also never go hungry which is why diets that do work usually entail eating a number of smaller tinier meals all day. That way you are never hungry.

Being overweight can cause extreme low-esteem and a lack of morale that can keep you putting on the pounds year after year. If the problem is emotional in any way you can go into therapy for it.  Many people who eat too much have emotional issues that need to be resolved.

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