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Stop Enabling Yourself To Cheat On Your Diet

One trait that many angry overeaters share is the ability to find sources of unhealthy food to binge on. Like an alcoholic who always knows where the nearest liquor store is, the overeater also knows where the nearest stash of treats is.  In fact, many angry people place themselves by the buffet table in a social situation so they can eat away at their feelings of social insecurity by noshing and nibbling at the table.


Many overeaters are not truly hungry. They eat because the food is there and they always make sure that they are in situations where food is near.  Obsessive overeaters often have similar characteristics to hoarders, hiding food for consumption later. The hoarded food becomes like a security blanket that makes up for the great sense of insecurity that they always feel.


Overeaters tend to repeat the same mistakes again and again. They always lose because they do not bring anything to life but the same destructive reactions again and again.

Many overeaters also portray themselves as a victim in life. It is always somebody else’s fault.  As long as they admit that they are never accountable for their own reaction to a bad situation, they seem stuck where they are and spiraling into an addiction to food.


The core psychological and spiritual problem that is at the basis of reactive behavior is a reluctance to be accountable for one’s actions in the first place. These types of people always insist that they have morals and that this is why they are a victim when really; the abuse of their body, dwelling in the past and refusal to take steps to address their anger


If you are experiencing negative feelings that you are trying to detach from, then do not put yourself in the path of temptation. Do not walk by that cupcake store on the way home and veer away from that art opening with all of the wine and canapés. Do not buy KFC because it is a bargain and they are having a two for one drumstick sale!  Stop telling yourself that the treats you have at home are really for the kids and not for you.


In fact, many experts at weight loss suggest that you throw out all temptations in your home including any chips, cookies, ice cream or anything else that you have stashed away to pacify an emotion that you cannot deal with.