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The Benefits of Zumba

If you are looking to work out you have probably heard the saying “Ditch the Workout, Join the Party! This is the marketing slogan for Zumba fitness all over the world. In fact, Zumba fitness classes have become so popular that they are performed by more than twelve million people at 110,000 sites. It is also a fitness class that is offered in 125 countries across the world.  It seems newer here in North America but it is actually a North American invention.

Zumba comes out of a work-out routine called Rumba-cize that first came out in the 1980s. This aerobics style dance routine was invented by a man named Alberto Beto Perez.  This was a work-out that was done to Merengue and Rumba music. In 1999 he rebranded it and sold the routine as a franchise called Zumba.  The business currently makes it’s headquarters in Miami.

Zumba is a total-body high energy aerobic workout that is good for core strengthening and flexibility because a lot of the action takes place in the hip and midsection.

It is also similar to interval training because parts of the workout are more strenuous than others. Still, because it is a dance, people can do the workout at their own pace. This is not just any old routine. Instructors must be certified in doing the moves.

Zumba workouts also do not require any special equipment or clothing. All you need is to wear loose clothing that you are not afraid to sweat in. The important thing is to be comfortable. Many women wear loose cotton skirts as it helps them feel a bit more in the mood for dancing.

There are shops online that sell Zumba clothing which tends to be in the colorful primary colors that are characteristic of South American clothing. Many people exercise in loose cargo pants, bright t-shirts and flowery shorts.  Women often wear a snugger spaghetti tank that is covered by a looser racer back top.

You can do Zumba in your bare feet but most people wear some kind of gym shoe or running shoe.

Another wonderful thing about Zumba is that it does not matter what fitness level you are at.  Both fit people and less-fit people can do this dance workout and still receive It is also a fun work-out for children to do.

This work-out is offered in gyms and clubs for the most part but in some parts of the world it is also being offered in night clubs.



Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways for women to prepare their bodies to conceive. The physical regimen plus the deep breathing rituals associated with yoga can really help ground the body and heal any problems. Many people are simply too tense to relax and have sex, never mind conceive a child.  Yoga can help you feel “more in the mood to make love” because your body is looser and more relaxed.


Yoga usually involves taking deep cleansing breaths which are very detoxifying and revitalizing to the physical system for both men and women. The more in shape you are physically, the better chance you have of conceiving a kid.  Yoga also helps take the weight off which is a good thing because it is more difficult for obese men or women to have kids. If you would like to start Yoga. You can get promo codes for Yoga Accessories for a discount a a site like


Many of these ancient yoga postures have been specifically created to strengthen the back and stomach muscles, which gives you more flexibility and stretch for when you have sex.

As pregnancy yoga also helps the mother strengthen and align her spine she will suffer less backaches as a result of having to carry the child, larger breasts and the extra body weight that is packed on the woman’s frame during pregnancy. Remember that your child will only be as strong as your body is in the end as your body is the ultimate vessel for carrying that human life.


Yoga that is done after pregnancy is called prenatal yoga and it can help with symptoms of pregnancy such as sore feet, sore back, nausea, morning sickness, shortness of breath and anxiety!  That is a lot more than any drugs on the market can do for infertility or pregnancy issues!