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The Power Of Positive Thinking To Meet Fitness Goals

If you are in Weight Watchers or have a therapist who is trying to help you lose weight you might have already learned  “changing your thoughts to change the feeling”  can kill hunger pangs and you might also realize the power of a positive thought to change the course of your day. Set your sights high by having positive thoughts as they have been known to subtly influence our behavioral patterns and the outcome of events.


One of the most immediate things you can do is make a commitment to yourself that you will make an attempt not to stuff down your anger. This means simply deciding to make positive commitment to you to try and improve. It his can also entail forgiving yourself for past mistakes and praising yourself and others for achievements you have made.


You should also harness the power of positive thinking is to take control of your mind and stay focused on important things. People in recovery from trauma call this practicing First Things First. Set goals and priorities for what you think and do and try to stick to your timelines. Isolating you and binging on food should be the last thing on your list of priorities just simply because that is an activity that does not propel your plans forward in any way.


Many cravings have no physical basis at all. The key is to stop seeing food as a magic bullet to cure emotional problems and address your personal issues so that you do not develop chronically unhealthy eating habits that can undermine your weight loss.  You need to see your problems as positive challenges that you can easily overcome.


If you feel you are overwhelmed by problems then be sure to set a strategy for solving. Think of yourself as a proactive creature and not as a victim of circumstances.  Many people find that journaling or even doing something as simple as buying a day timer and writing in it helps them clarify and organize their day so they can get things done. The rule of thumb is that even if you can perform one positive small act you are much further ahead in your day then if you had not performed one at all.


Another important component of the power of positive thinking is to be honest with you and to challenge yourself. Do not be afraid to be courageous or change and improve each day.


Are You A Glutton?

Sometimes when we overeat we are trying to fill an emptiness in our psyche and soul. We are not really hungry for food we are hungry for something else in our lives.  Sometimes it is love or sex but for the most part we need to feel that we are in alignment with our spiritual goals.  We start overeating. We are unable to act in responsible ways that encourage mental and physical health. Furthermore all of those terrible preservatives and chemicals in junk food and store-bought snack foods can do things to our moods.  We feel depressed and what to eat more and more.


Human are not natural gluttons. We are not bound biologically by a greediness for food, or an insatiable taste for alcohol or coffee. Our ancestors did slaughter animals and pig out when they had to but they were not gluttonous. They only ate what they needed.  Some say that people only ate when they wren starving and did not eat the rest of the time which is one way of losing weight.


Gluttony can be the result of being infuriated at a higher power for not giving them what they want. If you don’t believe in God then you might be stuffing yourself to fill a hollow or disappointed feeling. Stuffing a spiritual void with food when what you really need is to make things right with yourself and others in your life  is like trying to fill up a bottomless pit.  Food is a source of temporary satiation when you feel unhappy but it does not solve all problems. It is like a medicine that relieves the symptoms of a greater malaise and not very well.


One of the ways to address your spiritual hunger is to start putting healthy things in your body. However for that to work we also need to restore ourselves in deeper, more thoughtful ways. We have to begin to realize that our deepest well-being emerges from being less concerned with just ourselves and more concerned with the well-being of others, and the whole. We are shifting our attention away from addictive eating and drinking and learning how to feel more connected to are higher power and to life.


As a side benefit of healthy eating and exercise some people find their entire outlook beginning to improve. They simply are able to control their thoughts, their attitudes and their moods. Many people get more organized which means that they become calmer and are able to organize events like trips to the gym.