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Holistic Fitness

Holistic fitness is about treating the “the whole” person. The fitness and diet programs should include strategies that heal the entirety of the human. This includes the physical body, mental body, emotional body soul, and spirit.


In holistic healing and fitness the intention is to discover the root cause of what causes illness. More often or not the problem is what the person is eating combined with a sedentary lifestyle, meaning that a lot of time is spent lying on the couch watching television.


All disease results from a failure of a cell to function.  Either the cell suffers from a deficiency of vital nutrients such as – vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and phytonutrients from fresh foods or it degenerates  toxicity from exposure to the wrong foods and toxic environmental factors.


Eating overly acidic foods like refined and processed flour and sugar and dairy and meat can throw our body’s pH balance way out of balance. This can cause problems with every system in the body.


This acidity leads to toxicity and inflammation and eventually to break downs in the body’s systems.  Healing happens we address our lives and make changes to how we live.  We choose to eat foods and do things that do not promote the degeneration of our body. A primary philosophy I live and practice by is this, “How we feel and look is a result of how we live.”  Changing how we live can make us feel healthier.

Rather than changing our lifestyle most people choose to stagnate by treating problems with prescription drugs. This only makes their tissues more toxic than ever.


. These changes typically have to do with lifestyle – what we choose to eat, how we think and the stresses we have, our quality of sleep, how we exercise and move our body, and our attitudes toward our self and our life.


When it comes to cultivating healthy you must choose foods that y that nourish you and provide your cells with optimum nourishment.  You will stay fit, get proper sleep and discover ways to handle emotions and stresses.


Change will not happen unless you embrace the idea that you are going to have to address the entirety of your fitness situation to get results. In some cases this can mean consulting with naturopaths, spiritual healers and nutrition’s. Holistic healing is about healing every aspect of our existence. We are only complete when our body, mind, and heart are healed, conscious, connected, and whole again.



Understanding Good Polyunstaurated Fats

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There are basically two types of good polyunsaturated fats that we can obtain from food. These are the Omega-3 and the Omega-6 fats that are found in dietary fats and oils.


You are probably already familiar with the Omega 3 fatty acids. There has been a big deal made in the media about how these fats actually help protect the heart from cardiovascular disease by lowering cholesterol levels. Omega 3 fatty acids are now added to everything from eggs to orange juice to canned spaghetti so it is a bit easier to consume enough of it in our daily diet than it used to be.


Omega 3 fatty acids are generally found in fish and the cheapest most available source is simply canned fish.  However there have been concerns of late that there is too much mercury in canned fish which is why some people nowadays prefer to take it supplements instead. Fish oil supplements are also readily available at most pharmacies and health food stores.


However the fish that has the highest levels of Omega 3’s are in your kitchen cupboard are in the form of canned salmon and tuna.  Canned fish is widely available and the more you eat it, the healthier your arteries will be.


Consuming enough Omega 3 oils has other health benefits as well. Besides protecting your heart they have also been found to help you lose weight. Researchers have proved that a diet high in Omega 3 oils can positively affect the body’s metabolism so that it burn fat almost six times more efficiently.


Yet another excellent source of Omega 3 fat is flaxseed. It is also high in fiber and eating fiber is one the most efficient and simplest of ways to lower your cholesterol level. It also helps to flush cholesterol and other wastes out of the colon.


You can buy flaxseeds, flaxseed oil and flaxseed bread in most health food stores.  You can also sprinkle ground flaxseeds into smoothies and on top of ice cream and add it to chilis, muffins and sauces.  You can use it as a condiment or as an ingredient.


Omega 6 fatty acids, which are easier to find in food sources than the Omega 3 acids also help lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol.


Omega 6 fatty are founding vegetable oils, meat, eggs and dairy products.

Most of us get enough Omega 6 fatty acids through our daily diet because they are widely available in a variety of foods.  We don’t really have to be concerned about getting enough Omega 6 oils in their diet.