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Using Wheatgrass as a Healer

Wheat grass is a seven-inch tall grass that is grown from wheat berries that are sown on one inch of soil.  It is people who are serious about healing and managing chronic diseases.


There is a property in wheat grass juice that enables it to sustain life in mammals and it can support human life if you eat it indefinitely.  It is a whole food that can sustain a warm blooded being without the diet having to be supplemented by any other type of food, which is really quite remarkable. It is also a renewable resource that grows from seed to maturity in just a week.

Wheatgrass is used to clear up a big range of ailments including acne, premature aging, anemia, arthritis, asthma, bladder disorders, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, bone disorders, bronchitis, cancer, circulatory weakness, varicose veins, colitis, constipation diabetes, gum disease, eye disorders, fatigue, hay fever, hair loss, heart disease, hypoglycemia, impotence, infection, kidney disorders, liver disorders, lung disorders, nervous disorders, skin disorders, ulcers and weight loss.


Wheatgrass juice is recently making headlines because it contains many anti-aging nutrients. Among one of the most powerful anti-aging components is super oxide dismutase (S.O.D.); vitamins A, B complex, C, and E; chlorophyll; a full range of minerals and trace elements including calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, a number of special enzymes; and amino acids (the building blocks that are used to create protein.)


Wheat grass juice also enhances the body’s defenses. It help protects the lungs and blood from water an air pollution, cigarette smoke, toxins and heavy metals.  This is because wheatgrass has been shown to have anti-oxidative properties that help fight the kinds of free radical damage that cause degenerative diseases and aging.


It is also used as a potent aid in many weight loss formulas and weight loss juicing programs. As it is a whole food it can offer full sustenance and nutrition with next to no calorie intake.


Of course it tastes awful and is a real pain to put in the juicer but it is an amazing healer. In fact, wheatgrass is really the only juice you will ever need to drink during a fast as it is a whole food.  Some people become accustomed to the strange grassy and minty taste, which is due to high chlorophyll content. Some people take wheatgrass straight with a chaser of water and other people prefer to mix it in a juice cocktail.



Infrared Light Melts Away Pounds

One of the latest weapons that is used to battle weight gain is infrared light. You can buy or buy sessions in large walk-in units like the Photo Genius.  This is like taking a bath in red light that leaves you feeling pain-free and refreshed.


The walk in machines or walk-in saunas are the best for losing weight. Infrared light destroys problems like arthritis, back pain and fungal problems.  It stimulates the circulatory, lymphatic and other systems of the body to be more efficient. Nowadays many spas and weight loss centers have these infrared saunas in place to help facilitate weight loss.


Infrared light heals at the molecular level and stimulates the body to heal inside the cells. This fights cancer and other disease caused by free-radical damage such as arthritis, lowered immunity and wrinkles.  It also helps with post exercise because it releases acids and toxins from the muscles and helps prevent the sore joints and other problems that come from work out sprains and strains.


Infrared light waves can penetrate body tissues to a depth of three inches which helps thoroughly cleanse body tissues and internal organs. The blood capillaries dilate to allow an increase of oxygenated blood to the cells to aid in chemical and toxin elimination. The warming effect of the infrared light causes toxins to be purged from diseased or inflamed areas of the body through the skin at a rapid rate so they cannot stick around and poison us and give us cancer or a chronic problem like arthritis.


Like hot yoga or a steam bath infrared heating also causes the body to warm up sweat out toxins, with much less exertion, which means that even people who are quite infirm (such as those in recovery from surgery or cancer) can experience this benefit.


Cellulite is a storage system for fat that is meant to make sure your body has enough calories to use in the event of famine, stress, illness and also during pregnancy and lactation. The problem is that the body tends to use these pockets of cellulite as a place to deposit toxins that would otherwise damage other organs.  Exposing your body to infrared waves helps flush away toxins through the blood stream. has been known to help with everything from clearing fungus in fingernails to healing bed-sores to helping to clear blockages in varicose veins.


You would have to exercise for four hours in the gym to lose the same 700 calories that you would burn by bathing in infrared light rays for just half an hour!