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Toning Your Upper Arms

Most women need to tone their upper arms but they need to do so without bulking up. All you need to start toning is a couple of lighter barbells of equal weight. Do not make them too heavy or you will create muscles that will add bulk to your figure.


The best way to start is to do a bit of a warm-up. Make sure your muscles are loose. You can then start with 25 repetitions of curls (bending the arm up holding the bell) with each arm.  You will then go the other way and extend your triceps 25 times in a row. Then without resting, so that you can burn the fat, you can do another set of twenty, then 15, then 10 and then five repetitions switching from arm to arm.  Reducing your reps when your exercise like this can help you.


To do this well you need to gage the weight that you will need. Most women do well in the ten to fifteen pound weight region. The key is to keep alternating.


When you are finished your first set of curls, then hold the same barbells in each hand. Hold the barbells behind your head touching each other. Extend your arms straight up ahead of your head, feeling a tough burn in your triceps.


Once you are done be sure to do some stretching so that your body gradually relaxes. This prevents muscle soreness and cramps later.


For safety’s sake make sure that there is a wide space around you so you do not hit anything or anyone with your weights.  Be taut and conservative in your movements for best results.


If after a exercising for some time you do feel that you are bulking up then it may be time for you to use lighter weights. Do not reduce your reps. In fact increasing your reps is recommended.


Activities that compliment upper arm toning are gardening, dancing, canoeing, rowing, skiing and walking using tall hiking poles while taking long strolls in a park.  Try pumping your arms if you are doing walking or speed walking as well. Some people lose weight off their upper arms simply by exercising very hard on a treadmill or glider in the gym.  The thing about your upper arms is that they tend to lose weight at the same rate as the rest of your body. As you reduce your overall fat you will also get rid of the bulk on your arms.


Tips On Flattening Your Tummy

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Having a solid and muscular abdomen benefits you in all kinds of way. It means you have core strength that is supporting your frame, thus relieving back strain. People with a paunch often develop back problems.  That apple shaped belly is a warning that you might have a heart attack for many people. Reducing fat around your middle can reduce your chance of developing heart disease.

The flatter and tauter you mid-section is the more attractive you are to the opposite sex. This is especially true of women who are most sexy to men if they have what is known as a high waist to hip ratio. This means that you have more of an hourglass figure rather an apple shaped figure.

Here are some tips on how you can flatten your tummy –

Get plenty of fiber. This invigorates and cleanse the intestines because they have to work harder to digest food. This is crucial because one of the causes of extended lower belies is enlarged intestines. Fiber can be found in whole grain foods and vegetables.

Start lifting weights.  There is not really any way to spot reduce just one specific part of the body like the abdomen but if you start lifting weights you will improve your body’s overall ability to transform fat into lean muscle, including in the stomach area.

Engage in aerobic activity. Aerobic activity is exercise that raises your heart rate for a few minutes. This type of exercise is essential for helping your body detoxify itself. This automatically flattens the belly

Practice Yoga.  Almost all types of yoga are ultimately about holding poses that help strengthen you stomach muscles and keep your body lithe, taut and strong.

Drink lots of fluids. Staying well hydrated not only helps move wastes through the intestines and heal distention and inflammation but it also removes toxins, chemicals and fats from body.  Stay away from colas and drink water and teas.

You don’t have to be in a gymnasium to strengthen your core muscles. You strengthen them every time you hold in your gut. To develop core strength takes the time to hold in your belly muscles for the count of five and then release them. You can do this type of exercise whether you are sitting or standing (waiting in line at the bank, for example) or even while you are driving.

Belly distension can make you look fatter than you are. You will look much thinner if you get rid of it.