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Procrastination Instead of Fitness

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It is human nature to put things off especially when it comes to doing something we would rather not do like run for a couple of hours on the treadmill.  There is this part of ourselves that really enjoys avoidance; it can actually make us feel pleasure in our braids.


In fact evolutionary biologists say that we may even be hardwired somehow into our DNA because as animals we are hunter-gatherers and grazers.  This means that procrastination or idling over something actually activates our pleasure centers.


Good examples of activities that are procrastinating – window-shopping or browsing Facebook or You Tube.  Watching television is another time killer as is having anxiety about the future.


Some people get addicted to misery and use fretting as a form of procrastination. Worry is the drug that gets their adrenalin going in the morning.  Then they can’t stop the cyclic thoughts of dread and anticipation that prevent them from being efficient.  They use their anxiety as an excuse for rewarding themselves with behaviors that are the opposite of getting fit – such as lying on the couch and watching television instead of going to the gym.


Obsessive go nowhere relationships with men that want nothing to do with us or spending time directing jealousy or resentment at people who have hurt us in the past also count as time wasting activities. You can hate all you want but this will not help you get ahead in life faster.  All of the wishing that things were more fair will not make it so.


Remember that you can’t change other people and that you can only change yourself.  Blame is a time wasting game.  All of the clichés are right when it comes to the subject of procrastination including the one that goes “your past does not equal your future.”


So in a way you can say that successful time management is not just about taming your brain – it can also be about training your emotions.  Do not go through your day ruled by your feelings. Instead use rational thought to plan out your daily schedule.


Choosing your battles unwisely is part of procrastination. If you are going to fight for something, make sure it is worthwhile and that it is a battle that you can win. Otherwise you are spending your day in an unproductive manner and you will never get to that gym.


Procrastination is a death sentence when it comes to time management. Once it starts it snowballs and as each minute, hour and day goes by it becomes harder to get back on track.


Fitness Levels and Anger Levels

Anger can be a killer. Whenever we get angry our bodies release powerful chemicals enter the bloodstream to prepare you to battle or run from the situation. During this “fight or flight response your body enters a high energy state where:

•        Breathing increases and blood is sent to the muscles

•        Your pupils dilate and sharpen your vision

•        Your thoughts become less rational and more emotional and you suffer from distorted thinking

Anger is a natural response that is there to protect us when we feel threatened by something but when we are under some much stress or have so little self-control that we perceive everything to be a threat our health can really suffer.  Aside from increasing your chance of having a heart attack living in a state of chronic anger can cause gastrointestinal problems like irritable bowel syndrome and a lowered immune system that can leave you vulnerable to disease.


Several studies published in Journal (the medical journal of The American Heart Foundation) have shown that anger is not such a great emotion to cultivate and that there is a real correlation between “raging “ and illness.  These studies, that were based on an evaluation scale that measured on an “anger score” (with a higher score putting a person at risk for a heart attack) found that –

•        People who had high anger scores had a three times the risk of having a heart attack

•        Forty percent of people who had high anger scores had the type of hypertension that is known to lead to a coronary event


Angry people produced hormones that cause damage to heart muscles and clogged arteries These studies also found that people who were most inclined to become angry in the first place tended to be male to be smokers and drinkers with a post-secondary or less education. They also tended to have larger waistlines; often a physical trait that is a warning that the person is at risk for a heart attack.  Most of them were also emotional eaters who liked to eat a lot of beef.


One of the benefits of exercise in general is that it can help us to control our anger and give us an outlet for any frustrations we feel. We do not get sick from our feelings.  Aerobic exercise, in particular, can help us work out off the adrenalin and feel better about the situation and ourselves.